Friday, July 27, 2007

Movies about singers

Well, a movie about a great and greatly troubled singer, that is - Edith Piaf.
Marian Cotillard absolutely inhabits the part in "La Vie en Rose." I was
gripped by this biopic and I can't help but hope that some visionary filmmaker
will take it upon him or herself to create a movie about Susannah McCorkle
in the same spirit, and with the same level of talent. WHO COULD PLAY
SUSANNAH? Meryl Streep is a bit too old - except not for the last, tortured
years, perhaps. Oh I know - that actress in "Girl with the Pearl Earring," as the
young Susannah - Scarlett Johannsen. Or maybe Uma Thurman, who radiates
more intelligence. Oh, I don't know...But a movie should be made - all the elements are there!


Dale Young said...

Hi! Haven't checked this site in a while . . . I see you finally have some info in "profile". If you like Mexican & Argentinian, have you heard a tune called "La Bikina"? It's a very catchy Mariachi-flavored thing by Ruben Fuentes Gasson, most recently recorded by Luis Miguel. Research says it might have been adapted from an Argentine folk song. I learned to sing it in Spanish to surprise my son's Colombian fiance. I couldn't find any English lyric, so I pulled a "Susannah", and wrote my own. I thought it was pretty good, so I called the publisher Hal Leonard, and said I wasn't interested in making any money, that I'd sign off and they could have it for free. Of course they said they don't accept unsolicited material and that they have a PROFESSIONAL staff of composers, authors, etc., etc.

Anyway, I'm kinda proud of it, and sometime I'll send you a copy.

Speaking of unsolicited things, I apologize if I somehow overstepped any bounds in offering a portrait. No big deal . . . just a wild and crazy idea.

I'll see if I can find that radio station on the net and catch the Aug. 7 interview.

All the best,

warrior king said...

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