Friday, January 18, 2008

New for me in 2008

Haunted Heart is available in paperback in spring of 2008 - save money!
A humongous publication called the "African American National Biography"
is also coming out - Oxford U. Press. I contributed the bit about Dorothy Donegan, a wildly talented (wild IS the word) pianist who veered from dazzling
technique to slapstick - this is my opinion. She could play a whole lotta notes up there in shooting range of Mr. Tatum, but...
I'm working away - for once, fairly confidently - on a novel. It's called After Leaving America and is set in the early 1970's in Mexico. My how things have changed since the pre-internet, pre-cell phone et al., days.


Tom Paine said...

Hey Linda,

Like...I want to read your novel...soon! OK. OK. Gotta cut down the instant grat stuff...First time on yr blog...will explore more fully later...I'm about half way thru "Feast of the Goat" and just "read" (via audible) "The Short Wondrous Life of Oscar W". Dominican double header. Why does American govt love dictators? They replaced Trujillo w scumbag henchman. But I should be probably leaving this elsewhere...I also love Nick and much that I moved into a hotel...more than Shepard "Max" was no "Asta" and couldn't stay...But I digress. Love yr whole mojo here...I listened to you on radio...Your voice exactly the same...yr humor too...and you look the same!! Almost...More later.
Yer old pal...Rico aka Tom Paine

Anonymous said...

A very incisive and revealing biography about an extraordinarily troubled singer. I have been a fan of Susannah McCorkel since the anthology LP Cole and The Music of harry Warren were issued by EMI & World record Club in England. However, I knew almost nothing about her as a person. Thanks, Linda. Michael